Proscan Google Certified

Should there be merchandise you wish to buy in our internet site, by means of clicking on the link, you will easily be sent to ebay so you can safely buy the merchandise you want. If you are not confident into putting your credit card information each time you purchase from a website you are not knowledgable about, then you may want to sign up with a third party payments service such as PayPal.  In this way, the vendor will simply be given a notice of your payment together with your PayPal account name. Always be cautious of email messages telling you your profile is going to be removed unless you log-in within the next day using the link that they've provided. Be sure that the antivirus on your personal computer is updated prior to opening up an attachment file received from an unfamiliar e-mail address.  Save the attachment on your disk drive and then before you open it, scan first. Some benefits associated with simply being a online store is the fact that cost of business operations is reduced because of the fact that there is no necessity for product inventory as well as the merchandise selection is further increased.

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